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Wedding Costs Couples Forget to Budget for!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It's no secret that weddings are an expensive event. Once you mention the word "wedding" prices seem to escalate. While most couples want the big expensive wedding, others don't and would actually rather put the money towards a house deposit or a holiday!

Yes, sticking to a budget is very important no matter how big or small that budget is, but it's extremely important to stick to your budget when you don't have the extra cash to fall back on. 

So, to help you stay within your wedding budget I'm going to share with you our top wedding costs couples forget to budget for. Make sure that you include these costs in your wedding budget so there are no nasty surprises!


Most couples tend to focus more on what kind of wedding invitations and save the dates they would like, they forget about how these are going to get out to their guests. Postage stamps are around $1.00 each and can come up to quite a few hundred dollars. This may seem like a small expense now but these small costs all add up.


When brides are looking for their dress they are more focused about what kind of jewellery they want, what kind of shoes they want to wear and what their hair and makeup is going to look like with the dress. Most brides completely forget about what kind of undergarments they need with the dress. Undergarments can be an expensive cost that average around $100-$150.

Hair and Makeup Trials

Brides can have around 2-3 hair and makeup trials to find what kind of style they want and who they are most comfortable with. Trials can be around about $80 each and once you've had about 2-3 to work out what style you want it can come up to a few hundred dollars.


When I say stationery I don't mean invitations as such, I'm talking about envelopes, RSVP's, maps, stickers etc. These are also added costs!


Every bride is different and has a different body shape and a different style of dress they want. An off the rack dress may require some alterations and this may not be included in it's price. So, if you're about to go wedding dress shopping and you've got a budget of $2,000 I suggest that you spend $1,500 on your dress as alterations can be around the $500 mark.

Feeding Your Vendors

Your vendors such as your photographer, videographer, DJ and wedding coordinator are there for you most of the day. It is polite to feed them. If you're going to feed them make sure you include them in your guest count. or add them as contractors in your final numbers.  

Delivery Fees

Delivery may not be included in your wedding cake, flowers, marquee, or any decorations you're getting delivered. It is worth paying extra to get these items delivered. If the item is still in their care and anything happens to it they are liable to replace it.

Uninvited Guests

I can assure you that at least one of your guests will automatically invite their partner, brother, sister or even their cat to your wedding. Be aware of the added costs if you choose to accept this extra guest.

Hotel Costs

If you're a traditional bride to be and don't want to see the groom the night before your wedding, then be sure budget for a hotel.

When you're setting your wedding budget make sure that you overestimate how much you are actually going to spend and how much you're prepared to spend. Give your budget a little bit of leeway so when you do come across an unexpected cost you do have that set aside in your budget that you can play with.

Happy Wedding Planning xx

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