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How to Pull off a Successful Corporate Event!

You've got the venue booked, the catering is all sorted and the centrepieces are on the way. You're probably thinking YAY, It's time to pull off this event!

Ok, I'm going to stop you right there ✋

Having the perfect venue, good food and beautiful centrepieces does not mean your event will be a success!

I'll let you in on a little secret... 

There are 3 stages to pulling off a successful event.

Stage 1: Pre-event

Stage 2: During the event

Stage 3: Post event

In stage 1 (pre-event) it's important to establish some goals and define your ideal guest. Once you've done this it's time to start planning!

Make sure that you start planning at least 7-8 weeks before the event. Develop your guest list based on your goals and your ideal guest and customise and personalise the invitations. This make the guest feel a connection with you and your business.

It's important that you follow up with your guests and establish any needs they have for your event. 

During the event make sure that you have some giveaways! People LOVE free stuff and it encourage people to return to your event in the future. 

Make sure that you speak to or acknowledge each and every one of your guests. Learn something about each guest and take notes! When you bring the topic up later they will be impressed you remembered them!

You will need to either hire a professional photographer or have someone taking photos for you. Photos are worth a thousand words, they bring your event to life and can be used for post event material.

After the event make sure you personally thank each and everyone who attended your event. Send out some surveys to your attendees so you know how they felt the event went, where you can improve and what aspects of your event people loved!

Share any photos on social media and encourage people to tag and share images, and you can also add them to your website.

Also, measure your success, what outcome did you get? Did you achieve your goals? What didn't go well? How can you improve next time?

If you do achieve your goals make sure that you C E L E B R A T E your success and let everyone know! 🍾🎉

If you're planning a corporate event we wish you the best of luck to achieve your desired outcomes, and remember to always establish your goals for the event before any planning is commenced and always measure the outcome! 

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