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All you Need to Know About Planning your Wedding

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Pick the perfect dress.

Find the perfect venue.

Stop your brother from telling that embarrassing story.

When it comes to planning a wedding you’ll have a long list to do before you can say “I do”.

From hiring wedding car transport, to staying on top of the latest wedding catering trends, there’s always something to keep your eye on.

If you are planning a wedding there are a number of excellent tips that you can borrow from the professionals as the day starts to get close.

Making sure that you stick within budget and that you have a proper plan of attack is very important to your success.

There’s nothing worse than waking up on the morning of your wedding and realising you’ve forgotten to get shoes, a bouquet, or a husband.

Here are a few top tips that you should know about planning your wedding to ensure your magical day is stress-free.

4 Ways to stay on top of your wedding planning

#1 - Work on the guest list early

Working on the guest list early and making sure to send out invitations at least six months in advance of your wedding can be a great way that you can plan and stop any last minute headaches. Making sure that people can attend and that you can narrow down your list can help you with costs and lead to savings. This can be a great cost-saver, especially if you run into an unforeseen expense.

Plus, you can let your guests know if you’d prefer traditional gifts or cash to go towards something major like a house deposit.

#2 - Consider what you can do yourself

Sometimes it can be easier to hire others to take care of items or services at your wedding, but if you have some extra time available before the big day, you'd be surprised what you can accomplish.

You may be able to pick up a number of beautiful table linens online, make your own centrepieces or even work on planting a garden to make your own bouquets. Got a friend with a flair for the DIY? Give them a call and see if they’d like to help make unique, custom centrepieces for your tables. Your friends and family will feel touched you’ve asked them and be more than happy to help.

#3 - Book the venue first

Working on booking a venue is one of the very first and most important things that you should consider.

High demand venues in major cities often book up to two years in advance so it's very important for you to be ready with a backup plan or a long-term plan for your wedding.

As a rule of thumb you should also book a venue with a wet-weather backup plan in mind. Fingers crossed the weather is as beautiful as your dress, but if the worst should happen it helps to know your venue has a plan B.

#4 - Use tools to keep you organised

Ordering a checklist or creating a checklist for your wedding items, and keeping them in a portfolio is an excellent way that you can share ideas with your spouse and keep everything in one place.

By staying on top of every aspect of your wedding in one central place you’ll be able to see what’s missing and what needs doing urgently.

Looking for more ways to streamline your wedding planning? You can bring on the services of a professional wedding planner to take care of the central planning for an even more efficient way to save time and open up your schedule even more.

Do you have a wedding coming up?

By following these 4 simple tips you’ll be able to kick back with a glass of bubbles and toast to a job well done.

According to Forbes, 26% of couples hired a wedding planner in 2018, so if you’re looking to make the cost cutting and time saving choice, you’re not alone.

These are just a few of the best ways that you can stay organised and properly plan for your wedding.

Do you know any other great time-saving or cost-cutting tips? We’d love to hear them.

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